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Copyright 2008-2015 Tweaked Audio, Inc.  Tweaked Audio is a division of Tweaked Audio, Inc.

 “Tweaked”, “Tweaked Classic”, “Tweaked Natural”, “Tweaked California”, “Tweaked Parcour”, “Tweaked Time”, “Simple Mic” and “Tweaked Audio” are trademarks of Tweaked Audio, Inc.

Tweaked Audio, leading the way.  We’ve got years of experience in audio and consumer electronics.  We make all kinds of things, but the thing we’re most focused on making is happy customers.  We know you’ll love Tweaked Audio products, because if there’s ever an issue, we’ll work tirelessly to get it resolved to your satisfaction.  And, not to put too fine a point on it, you can buy with confidence since all Tweaked Audio products include a Lifetime limited warranty.  

So plug in, turn up the volume, and give us a try.  We know you'll love it!

Tweaked Audio is privately held and headquartered outside Nashville. If you would like to get in touch with us, send us an email at or go to the "Contact Us" page for more options.


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